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Legal Nurse Consultant
Buck LNC provides expertise in medical and nursing aspects, which is critical to achieving a successful outcome for your clients. At Buck LNC, we can put that kind of mastery to work for your legal practice. Our professional services will enable you to develop your cases quickly and cost-effectively.

Assess Medical Records and Analyze the Case

  • Medical Record Analysis, Tampering, Fraud

  • Personal Injury Cases

  • Product Liability Cases

  • Worker's Compensations and Workplace Injury

  • Medical & Nursing Malpractice Cases

Medical/Legal Specialty Areas

  • Critical Care (ICU, CVICU, BURN ICU, IR, CATH LAB)

  • Nursing Management

  • Coordination of several clinical research studies

  • EMR Locate lost medical files

  • Joint Commission regulations

  • Patient Safety standards

  • Standards of Care Policy and Procedure Development

  • Management of Patient Incident Reports

Assess Medical Records and Analyze the Case

  • Serve as a nurse expert witness

  • Analyze and present case strengths and weaknesses

  • Professionally evaluate cause and damages sustained

  • Present at client interviews and intervenes when necessary

  • Perform analysis of client medical records

  • Attend independent medical exams and produce a comprehensive report

  • Organize pertinent data in chronological order and highlight areas of concern

  • Perform medical and case specific research

  • Assist attorneys to prepare for deposition

  • Search for standards of care observed in medical documentation for malpractice cases

  • Assist to resolve ethical issues

  • Build the attorney's medical library




If I have a paralegal do I still need a CLNC?

Yes. Not only is a CLNC an expert in the healthcare system, the managed care environment, and deviations from the standards of care or scope of practice, but a CLNC also holds a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, disease process, injury, treatment, and partners to assist and educate attorney clients and staff.


If I have an MD on my case do I still need a CLNC?

It's possible.CLNCs typically offer a more cost-effective option for legal and medical education and consultation, ultimately saving you money over the course of your case.


At what point in my case should I contact a CLNC?


The sooner we screen your case, the better. If we find it non-meritorious, we can help save you the cost of litigation.

Testimonial 1

"I have known Teresa Buck for nine years. She successfully ran a campaign to become the Councilmember for Ward 4 in the City of Tuttle from 2013 through 2017.  The members of the City Council selected Teresa to serve asVice-Mayor. During Teresa’s tenure on the City Council, she was instrumental in helping move the community forward. Major projects include expansion of the sanitary sewer system, creation of a new employee compensation plan, the construction of a new 40-acre park, and creation of a new municipal broadband system. Her leadership skills were especially displayed when she led the City Council in the adoption of its first Code of Ethics. It is my pleasure to recommend Teresa Buck for your program. She is an incredibly intelligent, ethical, and caring individual who loves making a difference in the lives of those around her."   Click for complete letter.

Tim Young, City Manager

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